Art Edit

<p>Art Edit is the digital label created as a home to all the material recorded  by Scott. E. Hodgson under various pseudonyms at Art Edit Studios from 1993 to the present day. </p> <p>Born in 1971 in Bristol, England, Scott E.Hodgson, who was once described as "Britain's best kept secret" by Melody Maker, began creating music as a classic bedroom producer using whatever equipment he could muster. He achieved his first commercial releases through the Italian ACV Record’s “Hot Trax” and “Out of Orbit” imprints, under the Pseudonyms of “Razor-Heed” and “Scott Edward”. From the first Scott Edward release, all his recording were created in his new studio which he named “Art Edit” which would subsequently move to various locations in the areas surrounding Bath and Bristol in the UK. </p> <p>Sadly in 2002 the studio was broken into and ransacked, leaving little equipment left to continue his musical journey. This also contributed to the break-up of the Beau Monde record label, that he co-founded in 1995. Due to the decisions of the label manager and purely commercial timings, it’s was never possible to give all his material a commercial release.</p> <p>This is where Art Edit the digital label comes in. This label has been created to release as much of this original material as possible in a re-mastered state for digital download. This includes much new material from the vaults of the studio that has never been heard before and that is in every way as good as the material that did get commercial releases at the time.</p>

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